EO 073 – Enea Katundu

Anti-Corruption Bureau Malawi
Corruption Prevention Officer

Why did you attend the programme?
I attended the course because I am an officer responsible for implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in the Private Sector. The implementation of the strategy entails development and review of codes of ethics for private sector organisations; and I am supposed to work hand in hand with ethics officers in the sector.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
The course has increased my knowledge on ethical issues and also my capacity to assist organisations, private as well as public, to implement ethics programmes for prevention of corruption and fraud.
I am now more confident in what I do.

How is it benefitting your company?
The Anti-Corruption Bureau stands to benefit because I will be able to train other oficers on the job. On the other hand the Bureau can e proud of having a certified ethics officer; this will increase the confidence of other institutions in the Bureau on areas of ethics programmes implementation.

May interested parties contact you for more information?
Yes, I am ready to assist other people to benefit from the course. I will be more than willing to assist in other areas of ethics.