EO 064 – Renate van Onselen

Firstrand Limited
Regulatory Risk Management, Head: General Compliance

Why did you elect to attend the programme?
I requested attendance of the course because I have always felt very strongly about ethical behaviour and our obligation to implement a programme to support exactly that within FR. My request was granted on the condition that I subsequently ensure that the implementation of an Ethics Programme takes place within FR. It has since transpired that FR is willing to give the position much more exposure than intially thought (based on our expansion strategy) and was the decision taken to appoint a full time Governance and Ethics Officer.

How did the course benefit you personally?
It gave structure to my way of thinking about ethics and has provided me with a wealth of tools that i can apply going forward.

How is it benefitting your company?
Well, the benefit to the company in the long-run is questionable seeing as I will not be fulfilling the role as Ethics Officer, but they are certainly benefitting from my new and improved knowledge and approach ti implementing such a programme whilst I am baby-sitting the function for the new Ethics Officer. In the long-run, I can however apply the knowldge that i have gained in a variety of ways in my existing day to day duties, despite the fact that I am not the EO, which will benefit the company contributing to a greater ethics awareness and improved culture of ethical behaviour.

Interested parties may contact me if they want more information.