EO 063 – Khali Mofuoa

Vodacom Group Limited
Senior Specialist Ethics

Why did you attend the programme?
To entrench ethical consciousness in its business operations, a special ethical development programme called “Ethics Along the Way” programme continues to be implemented in Vodacom Group and all operating companies. The aim of the programme is to ensure that the company’s commitment to ethics translates into organisational practice and behaviour. To this end, I was sent by Vodacom to attend the Ethics Officer Certification Programme primarily to obtain a practical guide to manage ethics effectively in the workplace. More importantly, Vodacom felt that the course will go along way to equip me with practical knowledge, skills and abilities in implementing its ethics management and development programme – making employees to understand that doing the ‘right’ thing requires going beyond ‘mere compliance’ and acting courageously on a foundation of sound judgement.

How did the course benefit you personally?
It has substantially deepend and entrenched my understanding that managing ethics in the workplace hold tremendous benefits for companies – both moral and financial. This is particularly true today when it is critical to manage highly diverse values in the workplace. It has also given me confidence to convincingly make a business case for ethics in the workplace. To crown it all, it has empowered me to discover a path to manage my EO responsibilites and professional conduct effectively.

How did it benefit your company?
The knowldge that I have obtained from the Ethics Officer Certification Programme continues to be practical and relevant in enabling me to assist Vodacom to implement its ethics development programme and to address ethical issues in the workplace. Most improtantly, it continues to enable me to assist Vodacom management and employees in finding an ethical path in wrestling with ethical challenges in the workplace.

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