EO 061 – Pura Mgolombane

University of Johannesburg
HOD: Student Ethics & Judical Services

Why did you attend the programme?
I found out about the course during my search for like minded organisations (ethics advoctes) in South Africa. It proved to be a great discovery. Immediately I was convinced by the course content that it was fit for purpose. I am happy to say the said course far exceeded my expectations.

How did it benefit you personally?
The course created possibilities for me to act upon the world (UJ) with great conviction in order to transform it for the better in as far as ethics are concerned. It gave me hope that after all, all is not lost. That there are still people out there (Ethics Institute of South Africa) who continues to believe in the innermost ability of people to make ethical decisions and are willing through word and deed to support those people in whatever way within reason. In the main the course reinforced my energy to lead an ethical lifestyle and to inculcate an ethical culture to my family, friends and whomever I come to contact.

How is it benefitting your company?
Thus far the benefits remain potential. However, there is concrete progress. I have introduced Ethical Ambassadors (EAs) at UJ. This is a group of students who will (through dialogue and practice) share the UJ values with their peers (by means of seminars, workshops, lunch hour gigs, ethical behaviour patterns, etc) with the purpose of conscientising their peers about the consequences of their actions and benefits of leading a values driven and ethical lifestyle. The EAs have just attended their Strategic Plan and Induction Workshop from the 23 – 25 November 2009. Come 2010, the world cup fever will be turned into a sneeze compared to what EAs will do to UJ culture. It will be transformed completely.

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