EO 059 – Gert Bezuidenhout

Adcock Ingram Healthcare
Human Capital Executive Operations

Why did you attend the programme?
My Company views Ethical Behaviour and the compliance to Ethical systems and processes at a very high level given it’s operation within the Healthcare Industry in South Africa and on an International basis. The recently established Ethics Office necessitated that the management members involved in these processes be equipped with the correct skills in order to develop, promote and maintain our Ethics Program in total to ensure compliance on all Ethics building blocks as identified.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
The programme enabled me to understand processes and systems related to Company Ethics Programs as well as development and maintenance of such programs. It also enabled me to understand ethical dilemmas that can arise and how to evaluate and manage them to conclusion. The programme also provides the opportunity for networking with other representatives from other companies – good learning curves form an external point of view.

How did the programme benefit your company?
Through attendance of this course and achieving certification, our Company has ensured that capacity has been created in order to deal with all matters relating to Ethics and Ethics Programs on a daily basis. Our affiliation through a professional body like EthicSA also ensures that we are kept abroad on all new developments within this arena for future implementation.

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