EO 056 – Lindiwe Winifred Sandria Ngwenya

Gauteng Treasury
Deputy Director (Risk Management)

Why did you attend the programme?
I attended the course because it was paid for by the Office of the Premier (Gauteng Provincial Government) as it was required that on completion of the course the delegates who have successfully completed the Practicum and are certified as Ethics Officers shall be responsible to champion the implementation of ethics in their respective departments within Gauteng Provincial Government.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
I am able to understand the importance of ethics and I am able to apply the principles learnt at work and also at home. I am also able to see the relationship of ethics with what I am doing currently that is risk management. It also opened my eyes about things that were existing and I was not aware of such as the GPG Code of Conduct.

How is the programme benefitting your company?
Currently when we were conducting a quarterly risk assessment of all the departments issues of ethics in the questionaire that we have designed, issues relating to ethics were taken into consideration such as the policy on code of ethics, conflict of interest and other ethical related issues and we were able to identify gaps in the enterprise risk management process of department. Therefore the course benefitted the department for us to be the best advisors for the departments we are serving and to improve in the quality of the risk registers for departments by considering ethical risks.

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