EO 050 – Oupa Tshule

Oupa Josiah Tshule
Department of Economic Development
Risk Manager

Why did you elect to attend this programme?
The Office of the Premier in Gauteng is concerned about the lack of ethics in government. They have decided to establish an ethics office and have instructed Gauteng provincial departments to do the same.
I attended the course to gain insight on the subject of ethics and to understand the ethical risks faced by my Department in executing its mandate.

How did the programme benefit you personally?
I have gained valuable knowledge on the subject of ethics. I understand the challenge faced by managers in their day to day activities. I will be able to deal with ethical dilemmas that may crop up.

How has attending the programme benefitted your company?
My department has established a Gifts Register for management and staff to disclose any gifts received from members of the public, suppliers and other stakeholders. This is to promote transparency and to enable the Head of the department to use their discretion to approve.disapprove.
Members of the Department Acquisition Council (responsible for purchases above R100 000) disclose their interest in any company bidding for business in the Department.
Although the Department has not yet set up an Ethics Office, I encourage managers and staff to approach me for advice on ethical matters.

Interested parties may contact me if they want more information on the course.