EO 049 – Schalk Engelbrecht

North West University
Lecturer (Business Ethics and Philosophy)
Why did you elect to attend the programme?
To acquire a practical understanding and practical skills with regard to the management of ethics in business. In order to prepare student (in the Economic and Management Sciences) for the ethical challenges that arise in business, it is imperative that I not only understand and engage with business ethics theory, but that I also have practical training in managing ethics in a business context.
How did the course benefit you personally?
I have become more sensitive to the practical problems that arise in the process of mamaging ethics in business. I have acquired practical skills that enable me to identify, solve or pre-empt ethical dilemmas within business institutions.
How did attending the course benefit your organisation?
I have gained knowledge and skills useful for the better education of students in business and management. I am also now in a position to improve the management of ethics at the institiution I am working for.
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