EO 047 – Bonsile Lukhele

Central Bank of Swaziland
Ethics Officer
Why did you elect to attend the course?
I had the responsibility of setting up and manage the Ethics Office within the Bank. I needed a solid base on the whole concept of ethics.
How did the course benefit you personally?
I managed to grasp the main concepts associated with ethics and on that basis was able to start setting up the office and come up with an office plan and how that plan would be rolled out. The practicum has allowed me to visualise how the office is to be run in an eficient manner. Interacting with other participants at the workshop allowed me an insight as to how they deal with their ethical issues. It was not just a theory but practicals, exactly what I needed.
How did attending the course benefit your company?
I am now a qualified Ethics Officer, possibly the only one in the Banking Industry in Swaziland, my authority shall not be questioned on issues regarding ethics. I am in a position to do some in-house training on what ethics intails. I am also in a position to run the office efficiently as I am now aware of what I should deliver.
Interested parties can contact me if they want more information.