EO 030 – Jan Dijkman

Project Director: Ethics and Discipline

Why did your company send you to attend this course?
As the person responsible for monitoring the ethical behaviour of the Charthered Accountancy profession, I felt I needed a refresher course in the theory and practice of ethics generally. EthicSA is also an Alliance Partner of SAICA, and I wanted to experience the course that is offered to our members first hand.


How did the course benefit you personally?
It reinforced, both theoretically and practically, the absolute need for ethics in today’s society, and particularly in business. The course gave me a good insight into ethics and professional behaviour, which I am able to use in my dealings with SAICA members.


How is it benefitting your company?
I am better able to perform my function at SAICA, and I am able to transfer this ethical knowledge to others, hopefully to better ethical behaviour.

If interested parties need to find out more about the course, that can contact me at: