EO 029 – Craig Mitchell

Why did you attend/why did your company send you?
I was required to establish an ethics capacity within the South African Police Service and had no knowledge base or frame of reference. I attended a session hosted by Mr Willem Punt where the basics of ethics management were communicated to the audience. This convinced me of the need to not only establish an ethics management capacity in the SAPS but also to utilize the services of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

How did this programme benefit you personally?
I understand the basics of ethics management and feel I am better equipped to facilitate the establishing of an ethics management capacity in the SAPS. The programme also provided exposure to unique individuals who expertly conveyed a very useful knowledge base on what ethics management is and how one manages it.

How is this programme benefitting your company?
The knowledge and skills I have are at the disposal of the SAPS.

If interested parties need to find out more about the course, you may contact Superintendent Craig Mitchell via email mitchellc@saps.org.za