EO 028 – Driekie Havenga

Nedbank Ltd
Senior Manager: Corporate Accountability and Ethics
Why did you elect to attend this course?
I was the newly appointed Ethics Officer in the group. The previous Ethics Officer left the company before I started in this position and I needed the information and expertise to set up and run an effective ethics office.
How did attending the course benefit you personally?
I love the philosophy behind ethical thinking. This course benefitted me in that ll that I knew previously was put into an organised framework from which I could make more effective decisions. It also gave me tools and guidelines to be able to do my work effectively.
How did attending the course benefit your company?
My company is benefitted by the fact that they have an employee empowered by knowledge to perform her duties in accordance to performace requirements set by the company. We were given the accepted international standards that we should we working towards to play in the global arena.
If interested parties need to find out more about the course, can they contact you?