EO 020 – Amar Maharaj

South African Revenue Service – Ethics Awareness Officer

Why did you attend this course?
The Ethics Institute of South Africa comprises individuals and leading organisations in both the public and private sector who understand the need to entrench and enforce ehtics and morality in their respective organisations and are committed to making ethical behaviour a fundemental component of corporate culture . My company, SARS, had me attend to complete the certification programme. I am currently involved in presentations at ethics training for all our staff.

How did it benefit you personally?
Certification adds credibility to ones efforts. The course was excellent and well presented. It complemented the work that was currently being done at SARS.

How did it benefit your company?
SARS is currently at the forefront amongst organisations both in the public and private sectors world wide in promoting Integrity and entrenching and enforcing ethical and moral behaviour. Our business ethics training programs have proven to be excellent.