EO 019 – Basil Nel

Telkom SA Ltd – Human Resources Manager

Why did you attend this course?
I am responsible to ensure that the Company Code of Business Ethics is maintained and regularly updated according to legislative requirements and current universal best practices.

How did this cours ebenefit you personally?
I learnt more on all the varying issues surrounding ethics and why it is important for companies and organisations to conduct business in an ethical manner. It is clear to me now that company values are important drivers when it comes to ethics management. These values must percolate throughout alllevels within the company. Ethics based on a set of company values must become a way of life within organisations and towards this end it is important for management to demonstrate to the rest of the organisation that they themselves live these values. The behaviour they display in their day to day job activities will give an indication to everyone else whether ethics is merely lip service or whether it is an organisational practice.

How is it benefiting your company?
The management of the Company Code of Ethics can now be done according to best practices in the industry.