EO 016 – Jalize Uys

Metropolitan Health Group
Employee Support Manager and Ethics Officer

Why did you attend this course?
I needed a better understanding of the job and responsibilities of an Ethics Officer in order to get MHG to operate according to Best Practice priciples.

How did this course benefit you personally?
It was a great course that gave me everything I needed to know and left me feeling equipped to do what I have to do as Ethics Officer. I really feel comfortable about the expectations and I feel able to deliver the necessary.

How is this course benefiting your company?
I have been able to do an Ethics Assessment in a very important business unit that was established a year ago (from scratch) and where the company culture had not been well established yet. It is very helpful to the management team of that business unit to gain insight into the ethical dynamics of their staff members and enables them to focus their management training. It also helps them to change their management style and build a healthier staff.

If interested parties need to find out more about the course, can they contact you via email?
Yes, at juys@mhg.co.za