EO 015 – Adelle van Schalkwyk

Executive: Business Governance

Why did you attend this course?
Massmart Holdings Limited, our holding company committed the Group to set and achieve the highest standards of ethical behaviour and I was elected by Masstrade’s Managing Director to attend the training in order to understand the role of an Ethics Officer and to fulfil the function appropriately as recommended by the King II report and international standards ser companies.

How did this course benefit you personally?
Being a person with high standards and values with a legal background and clearly knowing how to apply the “rule”, and what is right and wrong, the course benefited me in alerting me to the fact that not all people understand the concept of “ethics” and that guidelines are required to implement such code.

How is it benefiting your company?
The ultimate benefit would be if all employees work off a common base of understanding as to what is right, fair, honest and legal. Setting standards for employees brings security to the workforce and enhances the companies reputation.