EO 001 – Jeanetha Brink

Why did you attend this course?
As I need to establish a Fraud Prevention Section within the Gauteng Audit Services, I wanted to learn how to draft a TEMP and how to teach ethics. This would enable me to train other trainers so that such trainers can do the necessary ethics teaching within the Gauteng Provincial Government departments.

How did this course benefit you personally?
Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the workshop, but I found it very stimulating. The fact that I could share ideas and experiences with like-minded people to whom ethics is equally important, also contributed to my personal growth.

How is it benefiting your company?
Not only do I feel more confident and knowledgeable to apply ethics in the workplace, but the insight that I gained through the inter-active nature of the workshop, gave me a new perspective on how I will assess the departments’ fraud prevention strategies, and how ethics is to be incorporated in effective fraud management.

Should you wish to ask Jeanetha any questions regarding her opinion and experiences on the course, please e-mail her on: JeanethaB@gpg.gov.za