Advisory services

We provide expert guidance to organisations regarding ethics governance and management.


What are ethics advisory services?

The governance and management of ethics in organisations is a demanding process, and one which is of increasing importance to internal and external stakeholders. The Ethics Institute has, over many years, cultivated expertise in the fields of ethics governance and management in both the public and private sectors. Our subject matter experts areable to provide guidance on all aspects of organisational ethics.

Ethics advisory is often the first step organisations take towards an ethical culture change or ethics intervention. The services are intended to generate useful insight and guidance that befits each organisation’s unique context.

What do the services cover?

While all advisory services can be tailored to thespecific requirements of the organisation, they broadly cover the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Governance structures
  • Ethics management
  • Internal audit and external reporting
  • Ethical culture change interventions
  • Code of ethics review and development

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