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We produce original research on organisational ethics for the purpose of raising public awareness and promoting ethical responsibility


The documents below are part of our public benefit role and are available freely for all to use. 


SABES report 2019 Smaller





The fifth South African Business Ethics Survey 2019 is out!

The Ethics Institute is proud to present the outcome of our latest thought leadership research undertaking, the South African Business Ethics Survey, or SABES, 2019. Over 2 000 professionals from 19 different companies across various industries participated, answering questions on their percpetion of ethics in the place where they work. 


CBS 2017 cover



The third Citizens' Bribery Survey, released in November 2017, reveals emergent trends as to the nature and prevalence of bribery in South Africa. It contains a new section on citizens' perceptions about which leaders and political parties are most committed to combating corruption. 

SABES 2016 cover


 Every three years, we conduct research into organisational ethics in the private sector.

 The 2016 publication is the fourth of its kind and thus has valuable insights into trends over time. 

SA Citizens Bribery Survey


 The South African Citizens' Bribery Survey is conducted every year, and involves researching the lived experiences of ordinary South Africans.

If you want to know how much bribery is really going on in the country, read this original research.