Coalition for Ethical Operations wins Premier’s Service Excellence Award

Published on 25 March 2019 for The Ethics Institute monthly newsletter

The Coalition for Ethical Operations (CEO) was founded in 2016 by SNC-Lavalin’s Prabashni Naicker, HR Director and Regional Integrity Officer for sub-Saharan Africa, in response to the need to find solutions for addressing corruption in the sub-Saharan Africa business environment. The CEO is funded by SNC-Lavalin and is made up of a group of businesses, local and multinational, that are dedicated to promoting ethical business and reducing corruption in the region. The CEO works in partnership with The Ethics Institute, which provides both strategic and secretarial support to the Coalition.

CEO Award

 From left: Tony Lenard (SNC-Lavalin), Prabashni Naicker (SNC-Lavalin), Prof Deon Rossouw (The Ethics Institute), Celia Lourens (The Ethics Institute) and Ig Pohl (Sasol)

Members of the CEO sign a pledge that commits them to share best practices in ethics management and corruption prevention, to collaborate in developing ethics and anti-corruption capacity in their small and medium enterprise suppliers, and to engage in anti-corruption collective action when needed.

The CEO hosts quarterly meetings with representatives from the member-organisations of the CEO allowing for a network of support among ethics and compliance officers. These best practice sharing sessions focus on topics such as corruption at border crossings, and ethics and anti-corruption due diligence in supply chain management. One such workshop was held in collaboration with the African Development Bank in November 2016 to address the theme of “0% corruption – 100% development”.

The CEO was nominated for the Premier’s Service Excellence Awards 2019 in Gauteng, South Africa, which seeks to recognise individuals or organisations that have significantly influenced or impacted the “ethical environment in the province”, having “demonstrated courage and leadership in combating corruption” with action that “attracts integrity interest and emulation in other parts of the country.”

The CEO won the award for progress made through their best practise sharing program, the provision of training and support for small-to-medium enterprises in supply chain management and their cross-border initiatives, all of which promote ethical and courageous behaviour.

Stuart Kent, General Manager of SNC-Lavalin, sub-Saharan Africa said “We are proud of the contribution that SNC-Lavalin has made to the foundation and growth of the CEO. Through the ongoing commitment and dedication of Prabashni and co-members of the CEO, we anticipate further improvements to how businesses deal with corruption in our country and beyond its borders. Congratulations to the CEO on this prestigious win, we wish them continued success on the journey ahead.”

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