Ethics Interactive Workshop - “Greater Tubatse Municipality”

10 - 11 June 2013

During the second week of June 2013, we were warmly welcomed in Burgersfort to facilitate our municipal integrity and anti-corruption project at the Greater Tubatse Municipality.

Similar to the previous occasions in other municipalities, we were scheduled to hold ethics interactive workshops with the municipal council and municipal officials. What made this instalment interesting is that we had an ethics committee to work with, which was an unusual addition to the project.

On 10 June we held a full day workshop with the members of the municipal council ethics committee. This resulted to be a discussion-filled workshop, which allowed the ethics committee members to engage in robust debates and discussions on ethical issues that confronted the council. The committee used the opportunity to revisit their roles through discussing the already existing code of conduct for councillors. It was from this day-long workshop that the committee welcomed reflections and views from each other, as to the ethical threats and opportunities that they faced as part of the council of the municipality.

Following a rather tense and in-depth workshop with the ethics committee, the 11th of June was set aside for the rest of council, to also engage and partake in the continuing discussion on ethics and the awareness thereof. The session was equally interactive as members of council used the opportunity to portray their collective and sometimes individual interpretation of the code of conduct. The session ended on a high note as more members of council voiced their opinions and even differed sometimes to the interpretations of their colleagues.

On 12 June, we were scheduled to have a similar session with the management officials of the municipality, but had to postpone the workshop due to a low attendance by the officials. The workshop will take place on a future date which is yet to be finalised. Following this planned session, we will also have a session with the community development workers on ethics awareness, and also co-host a procurement workshop the following day with the municipality.