Please watch the video below to learn more about the transition to Supporters, from Members. This transition will take place on a rolling basis, and will not effect current memberships. It is only when existing memberships reach the end of their 12-month term that members will be asked to "transition". All new applications to join us from April 2018 onwards will be for individual Supporterships, rather than memberships. All information about the change and benefits of Supportership are outlined in the video below:

Supporter video

Online membership form

Membership represents a commitment to The Ethics Institute’s vision of building an ethically responsible society, by: encouraging and demonstrating ethical conduct within the member's sphere of influence, from interpersonal interactions, to workplace practices, to broader societal impact

While membership represents a statement of commitment to ethics on the member’s part, it should not be inferred that the conduct of the member (individual or organisation) carries the stamp of ethical approval from The Ethics Institute.

The fee for individual membership is R966 for a 12-month renewable membership. These fees are valid for the 2018 calendar year and are tax-inclusive. Any new memberships that commence before April 2018 will be under the membership scheme dispensation. The new form for Supporters will be available from April 2018, and the same fee will apply. 

If you are interested in registering as a member of The Ethics Institute, please complete the form below:


Individual membership

Individual membership

BENEFITS: Communications | Website access | Membership certificate | Complimentary annual member event | Discount on training and events

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We recognise our grant members

Grant members provide the investment to support The Ethics Institute’s thought leadership activities that generate awareness and cultivate an understanding of ethics in society. For more information on grant membership, please click here.

Our current grant members' logos are provided below.