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    The fifth South African Business Ethics Survey 2019 is out!

    The Ethics Institute is proud to present the outcome of our latest thought leadership research undertaking, the South African Business Ethics Survey, or SABES, 2019. Over 2 000 professionals from 19 different companies across various industries participated, answering questions on their perception of ethics in the place where they work. 

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    The Ethics Office Handbook sep 2018 COVER final IMAGE


     First ever comprehensive handbook on the why, how, what and who of the ethics office

    The latest offering in our Ethics Handbook Series, The Ethics Office Handbook, was created in collaboration with the Ethics Practitioners' Association and financially supported by MTN Group. It is the firm belief of the authors that an organisation's ethics can indeed be managed, and that there is a structured and systematic way to do so. This handbook is intended to be an invaluable guide to those individuals in the workplace tasked with governing and managing the organisation's ethics. 


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  • SEC handbook 2nd edtion Cover


    Revised edition of the handbook first released in 2012 is now available for download! 

    New to this revised edition is a detailed look at how the Fourth King Report on Corporate Governance (released in 2016) gives guidance on the committee's ethics responsibility and other areas where the Act lacks detail. We also share emergent leading practices co-created with partners and leading companies who recognise the strategic importance of the social and ethics committee. This project was supported by Transaction Capital and endorsed by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa.


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