The Ethics Institute (TEI) is an independent institute, producing original thought leadership and offering a range of services and products related to organisational ethics.

TEI invites organisations to support its mission through funding and sponsorships, to strengthen TEI’s efforts in building ethical organisational cultures. This support reflects an organisation’s dedication to corporate citizenship responsibilities, promoting ethical practices within the communities it serves.

Funding for specific projects and sponsorship of thought leadership activities are vital sources of income for TEI, enabling the delivery of essential ethics-related thought leadership initiatives.

Donors, sponsors, and funders have the option to request a tax benefit certificate for their contributions.

General benefits include:

  • An 18A Tax Benefit Exemption Certificate.
  • Discounts on TEI’s professional services.
Support Impactful Projects & Interventions


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Grant Sponsors, whose generous contributions drive us closer to realising our vision of building an ethically responsible society.

Siemens Integrity Initiative

In 2009, Siemens launched the global Siemens Integrity Initiative, pledging over 100 million US dollars over a fifteen-year period to aid organisations combating corruption and fraud through Collective Action, education, and training.

The Ethics Institute (TEI) successfully secured funding from the Siemens Integrity Initiative across all three funding rounds. The first round commenced in 2009, followed by the second round in 2014, and the third round in 2019.

During the initial funding round, spanning from 2009 to 2013, TEI initiated two projects: ‘Collective Action for fighting corruption in Angola’ and ‘Collective Action for fighting corruption in South Africa’. In 2013, Siemens provided additional funding to TEI for two more projects: ‘Collective Action for fighting corruption in Gauteng Province’ and ‘Collective Action for fighting corruption in Mozambique’.

In the final funding round, TEI’s Collective Action efforts were once again supported by Siemens, funding two projects: ‘Combating municipal and procurement corruption in South Africa’ and ‘Collective action to advance business integrity in Mozambique’.