Safe Reporting / Whistleblowing workshop

This workshop is designed for individuals who handle whistleblower reports, including ethics managers and practitioners, ethics and forensic investigators, and human resources professionals engaged in whistleblower-related matters.

The Safe Reporting / Whistleblowing workshop focuses on establishing organisational cultures that promote an environment where individuals feel safe and supported when reporting unethical behavior.

During the workshop, the following themes will be introduced and explored:

  1. The need for whistleblowers
  2. Factors deterring employees from blowing the whistle
  3. Internal vs. external reporting of misconduct
  4. Profile of, and triggers for, a whistleblower
  5. What goes through the mind of a whistleblower
  6. Creating a culture of supporting and encouraging protected disclosures
  7. The Protected Disclosures Act, including:
    • Impact on organisations
    • Requirements for protection

The duration of the workshop is a full day.

After successfully completing the EOCP and the practical assignment, participants are awarded accreditation by the Stellenbosch Business School (SBS) and TEI as Certified Ethics Officers.

In addition, all newly certified Ethics Officers receive public recognition on TEI’s website and are automatically enrolled as TEI Supporters, with their first year of subscription fees covered.