Assessments and audits

The Ethics Institute has a number of assessment instruments that we use to assist organisations in gauging various aspects of their ethics management and culture. 


What are ethics assessments?

The governance and management of ethics inorganisations is a demanding process, and one which is increasingly important to internal andexternal stakeholders.The Ethics Institute has developed a number of assessment instruments that provide scientifically robust evidence of whether organisational practices undermine or enable the establishment of an ethical culture. Based on the results of assessments, our subject matter experts provide guidance on how to address identified weaknesses and build on identified strengths.

What assessments are offered?

The Ethics Institute has three primary assessments that organisations can opt to undertake, depending on their ethics management maturity and intention. In each case, the scale and scope of the assessment will be determined with the organisation, in accordance with its requirementsand specific stakeholder context. Click on the links below to read more about our three primary offerings:

Audit services

Internal audit assessment of ethics

With TEI's toolbox of instruments, consisting of both quantitative and qualitative instruments, we assist internal audit teams to report on the adequacy and effectiveness of their organisation's ethics management programme, as well as on the prevailing ethical culture of the organisation.


Minimum Anti-corruption Capacity Assessment (MACC)

National and provincial government departments are audited to determine whether they are compliant with the minimum anti-corruption capacity requirements established by Cabinet. Municipalities are assessed on similar standards.