• CBS 2017 cover




    The Ethics Institute is proud to present the third South African Citizens' Bribery Survey, sponsored by Massmart.

    The report, which was released to the press in November 2017, contains fascinating findings about the prevalence and nature of bribery in the country. This year, we added a new section on leadership, asking citizens which individuals and political parties they perceive as committed to fighting corruption.  

    The report is available for download here.

  • TEI Handbook Series - four




    The Ethics Institute started its Ethics Handbook Series in 2012 with the publication of The Social and Ethics Committee Handbook.  This was followed by The Ethics Reporting Handbook in 2014 and the Ethics Risk Handbook in 2016. The Ethics and Compliance Handbook was released in 2017. 

  • SABES 2016



    The South African Business Ethics Survey (SABES) 2016 is the fourth national business ethics survey that The Ethics Institute has conducted in the private sector in South Africa. We have interviewed 4 795 staff members of various listed and large South African companies to identify the state of ethics in corporate South Africa.

    The findings of the survey were both expected and surprising.  For example, 11% more employees have personally observed misconduct in the previous year than in 2013, and the percentage employees who reported it decreased with 16%.